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Higher Revenue
This software helps to control irregularities which leads to higher revenue generation for the business.
Quick Report Generation
Now get all loans related information at your fingertips and get an edge over your competitors.
High Security
Secure and Safe to use due to the latest security features embedded in the Software.
about us

A Trusted solution for your all money lending business needs

Two-wheeler Loan
Refinance Loan
Personal Loan

In a money lending business, maintaining proper records of all transactions on time is very crucial to prevent loss of revenue. To meet the need for such businesses, Sparrow Finance has come up with a software solution that will help you to manage your entire money lending business in a very convenient manner. Currently, this software is designed for managing Bike Loan, Refinancing, and Personal loan.

Why choose us

Increase your profit
with cost reduction

This unique software solution will help your business to reduce your financial cost and help you to increase your savings and profit. This is possible through its special cost reduction features.
  • Reduced accounting expenses This software will help you to manage your money lending business records without the need of keeping any accountant. This is because of its user-friendly nature which allows anyone to use it without any special knowledge and training
  • Easy Collection of Receivables This software keeps track of irregular performing loan accounts through quick reporting and helps you to keep control over them by sending messages and reminders to avoid the chance of bad-debts.
  • Safety and backupNo software can be considered reliable without security and backup feature. Our software solutions are fully secured with the latest technology and 100% backup of all data to prevent loss of data. Besides, we have 24*7 customer support that is always available for helping you.